2 Responses to Methodological Notes (1)

  1. I have a few pages on architectural philosophy. All very amateurish, as I am just an enjoyer of architecture. But I would love for you to popover and leave a few scholarly comments, even if slightly negative (even bad press is press). Because I really desire conversation on these things.
    See my post-modern page at http://www.house-design-coffee.com/postmodern-architecture.html . You might also check out my modernist and pattern-language page.

    So, are you a fan of natural homes? Cob, superadobe and the like? Is your concern mostly with massive construction (skyscrapers and so forth?). While I suspect we are coming from different viewpoints, I think there is common ground. Our architecture reflects who we are and our spiritual/cultural values, and much of what is built reflects poorly. That is it shows us as disjointed, isolated and wasteful, among other things.

    Good luck on your research.

    • Thanks man, I will look up to your blog, looks interesting. I’m not concerned with any particular building typology and I’m quite interested in the whole environmental movement, from a critical perspective though, have you read a book called ‘ecology without nature’?. And about the thesis that architecture should ‘reflect’, part of me agrees but right know I’m trying to post a materialist critique saying that architecture conceals more than it reflects, but that’s matter of discussion. Thanks again for your post.

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